Saturday, August 12, 2017

Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant

In the month of August 2017, I got a chance to appear in the Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant exam.

About the exam

  • Prerequisite: Salesforce Certified Administrator credential
  • Multiple-choice/multiple-select questions = 60
  • Passing Score = 57%
  • Time allotted to complete the exam = 90 minutes
  • Minimum correct answers = 60 * 57 / 100 = 34.2 (at least 34)
Note: Please note that there might be 2 to 5 unscored questions in addition to the 60 scored questions. The additional 2 to 5 unscored questions are for the Salesforce university in order to gather data on questions performance (fail/pass rate).


  • Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant
    • Read all the questions in the study guide. Few questions might come in your exam!
  • Communities Architecture Resource Guide
    • Read all the topics in the architect resource guide because this is the master guide to Pass the exam. Please do read every topic from this guide.
    • Make sure you do practice at least one (1) time in Salesforce Developer edition.
  • Trailhead modules
  • Salesforce Communities Overview
  • Salesforce Communities Overview
  • Communities User Licenses
  • How to pick the community license?
  • Create Communities Users = Accounts > Contacts > Users
  • “Portal Super User” permission
  • Partner Portal Role Hierarchy
  • Review and practice each option under Community Settings in Setup
  • Sharing Set in Communities Setting
  • Share Groups in Communities Setting
  • Enable Community Workspaces
    • Create Community
      • What are the Statuses of Community (e.g. Preview, Active etc.)?
    • Reivew and practice each option in Community Workspaces
    • Administration
      • Emails
      • Login and Registration
      • Community Self-Registration
      • Authentication Provider
      • Social Sign-On Provisioning
      • Guest User Profile ( Site)
      • How to use Unauthenticated Pages in Sites & Communities?
      • Members
    • Lightning Community Builder
      • You must know about each and every component of Lightning Community Builder
      • Lightning Community Builder Pages UI difference based on Profile
      • Which type of components you can have in Lightning Community Builder?
      • What are the available options in Branding?
      • What are the available options in Lightning Community Builder Settings?
    • Lightning Community Templates 
    • Lightning Bolt Solutions (Partner Central)
  • How to access Communities via Salesforce 1 and Mobile Browser?
  • Files Connect Settings

Useful Resources

Suggestions & Tips

  • Take any of the new Architect Journey exam as more to get the knowledge than the certification credentials!
  • In order to pass this exam or any of the new Architect Journey exam, you must have read the Architect resource guide thoroughly and as well as hands on experience.
  • If you don't have any practical experience, a Salesforce Developer edition will be the best option where you will have pretty much everything you need to have for this exam.
  • Salesforce Trailhead is a great source, containing full of information for each area of the Salesforce platform.
  • I learnt one thing in the new Architect Journey exams Don’t judge exam questions by its length! In any of the new Architect Journey exam you will find few questions very easy straightforward but those questions are very less in numbers. You will find majority of questions complex but interesting and every question will have a clue or point to select the correct answer(s).

I hope the content here helps you to get this Certification. Best of luck!