Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Quick Highlights of the Summer ’19 Features

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As we all know Salesforce announces Seasonal Releases three (3) times a year. Summer '19 release notes are now publicly available. Summer '19 release is coming with enhancements and new exciting features!.

Prepare Visualforce Pages for Lightning Experience (LEX) (Beta)

With Summer '19 release, you have an option now to scan Visualforce pages for issues that impact them transition to LEX using the LEX Configuration Converter.

Lightning Experience (LEX) for iPad Devices (Beta)

With Summer '19 release, you can now access LEX from Safari on iPad Devices.

Salesforce Surveys Free! No Licenses Needed Anymore

With Summer '19 release, you no longer need a license to create and send surveys.

Enterprise Territory Management (ETM) objects in LEX

With Summer '19 release, Object Manager will now include ETM objects in LEX.

Celebrate Sales Milestones

With Summer '19 release, on Opportunity path stage a confetti celebration can be created for a little fun when Sales Reps reach a milestone. Available on mobile view as well.

This feature is also available for Work Orders in Field Service Lightning.

Pardot: B2B Marketing Analytics Legacy App Is Retiring

The legacy B2B Marketing Analytics app is retiring with the Spring ’20 release.

Merge Cases into a Single Record (Beta)

With Summer '19 release, you can now merge up to three (3) cases into one (1) case.

Einstein Bots for Service

Summer '19 release is bringing many new features (Intelligently Transfer Bot Sessions, Dialog Map, access features like Field Service Lightning) to faster setup Einstein Bots.

Field Service Mobile App: Mobile Navigation with Deep Linking

With Summer '19 release, you can now use Deep linking to take users to a specific screen in the FSL app from another mobile app on your device.

Field Service Mobile App: Upload & Swipe Multiple Images

With Summer '19 release, you can capture several images at once and swipe to move between images.

Field Service Mobile App: View Files Related List on Android

With Summer '19 release, Files related list is now available on Android devices.

LiveMessage is now Messaging

With Summer '19 release, LiveMessage has been renamed to Messaging.

Connect with Apple Business Chat

With Summer '19 release, Service agents can now connect with customers using Apple Business Chat.

Connect with with WeChat (Pilot)

With Summer '19 release, Service agents can now connect with customers using WeChat from the Service Console.

Live Agent is now Chat

With Summer '19 release, Live Agent has been renamed to Chat.

Snap-Ins is now Embedded Service

With Summer '19 release, Snap-Ins product has been renamed to Embedded Service.

Knowledge in a master-detail lookup Relationship

With Summer '19 release, you can now create Knowledge as the parent in a master-detail lookup relationship.

Reports with Row-Level Formulas (Beta)

With Summer '19 release, you now write a row-level formula directly in the Lightning report builder and you don't need to create a custom formula field.

Einstein Analytics: Connect enterprise applications with Oracle Eloqua and NetSuite (Generally Available)

With Summer '19 release, your can now connect to more enterprise applications data with the Oracle Eloqua and NetSuite connectors. These features are now GA.

Communities: A new metadata type ExperienceBundle (Developer Preview) for Lightning Communities

With Summer '19 release, you can have the experiences folder (ExperienceBundle) that provides human-readable, text-based representations of the different Lightning communities.

Communities: Sharing Sets for Lead object

With Summer '19 release, you can now grant portal or community users access to Leads using Sharing Sets.

Communities: Roles in Communities and Portals have increased

With Summer '19 release, the number of roles that you can have in communities and portals are now increased from 5,000 to 50,000.

Communities: Own more Person Account Users

With Summer '19 release, the number of person account portal users that a Salesforce user can own is now increased from 10,000 to 50,000.

File Sharing Limits Increased

With Summer '19 release, you can share files up to 2000 times which includes shares with records, people, and groups.

Industries specific Ready-Made Solutions

Salesforce industry-specific solutions for Financial Services (FS) and Health Care.

myTrailhead for building Knowledge-base for your Company

myTrailhead for employees on boarding, training and continuous learning.

Note: myTrailhead is available with Enterprise, Performance, or Unlimited editions for an extra cost.

External Change Data Capture (Generally Available)

With Summer '19 release in Salesforce Connect using the OData 4.0 adapter, you can now track changes made to data that’s stored outside Salesforce org.

Custom Objects in an Org

With Summer '19 release, you can now have maximum 2,500 custom objects including the ones you create and from AppExchange managed packages.

Setting External Access Levels for Standard Objects (Beta)

With Summer '19 release, You can now set external access levels for many more standard objects.

International Components for Unicode (ICU) for Date and Time Formats (Pilot)

Salesforce is adopting the internationally standardized formats for dates and times provided by the ICU.

IoT Insights is now Event Insights

With Summer '19 release, IoT Insights has now been renamed to Event Insights.

Customization: Continuation class for Aura & Lightning Web components

With Summer '19 release, Continuation class is now available in Apex to make a long-running request to an external web service from an Aura and Lightning Web components.

Customization: Lightning Web Components (LWC) in Visualforce Pages

With Summer '19 release, you can now reference LWC into a Visualforce page.

Customization: Lightning Out for Lightning Web Components (LWC) (Beta)

With Summer '19 release, you can now use Lightning Out with LWC same as you do with Aura components.

Customization: Enforce Field-Level Security in Apex (Pilot)

With Summer '19 release, Apex has now a security feature for field-level data protection. The Security and SObjectAccessDecision classes will be used with stripInaccessible method to check the context of the current user’s read, create, or update operation. The method can also be used to remove inaccessible fields from sObjects before a DML operation to avoid exceptions.

Customization: Execute Platform Events from Batch Apex Classes (Generally Available)

With Summer '19 release, Batch Apex classes can now execute Platform Events when an error or exception is encountered.

Right-to-Left (RTL) Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu

Password Resets (Beta)

With Summer '19 release, you can now use right-to-left (RTL) languages to reset password.

Layouts of Right-to-Left Languages (Beta)

With Summer '19 release,, RTL layout is now the default for Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu.

Summer '19 release has lots of other exciting and interesting features but these are just few of them. Please read the Summer '19 release notes for details.

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