Salesforce Certified Application & System Architect

The has evolved and grown over the years. The has become more and more popular and is everybody known so that metric of skills, specialized knowledge and expertise are changing over the time.

In 2015 at Dreamforce, Salesforce University launched a program just for people like you! the Salesforce Architect Academy and In 2016 at Dreamforce, Salesforce introduced the new Salesforce Architect Journey, which is now free self-directed training guides.

The new Salesforce Architect Journey is a training program designed to build an ecosystem of Salesforce Architects. Using in-depth learning and certifications, this program aligns with the nine domain specializations that are part of the new path to achieve the elite Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) accreditation.

 Source: Salesforce Architect Journey

In 2016 at Dreamforce, Salesforce decided to end the old journey that was comprised of three components.
  • Component 1:  Self Evaluation
  • Component 2:  Multiple-choice Exam
  • Component 3:  Review Board Presentation 
All those people who started (at least Component 1:  Self Evaluation) on the CTA path prior to the 2016 Dreamforce announcement, they are able to continue along the existing program. However, Salesforce established program completion dates to help expedite the process and give candidates clear guidelines. The candidates had January 31, 2017 to complete their Component 2:  Multiple-choice Exam for eligible to sit for the review board. Also, after passing Component 2:  Multiple-choice Exam, they will have 2 years from Component 2:  Multiple-choice Exam pass date (by January 31, 2019) to complete their review board presentation.
If they did not pass the Component 2:  Multiple-choice Exam by the deadline, and consequently will not pass review board presentation by January 31, 2019, they will need to follow the new Architect Journey in order to complete Certified Technical Architect credential.

I was lucky to pass the Component 1:  Self Evaluation prior to 2016 Dreamforce announcement and also I was able to pass Component 2:  Multiple-choice Exam in January.

The new Architect Journey has plenty of material specific for each part of the platform and which I think is a must and worth to read before you appear for review board exam. Even though when I attempted my Component 2:  Multiple-choice Exam  I preferred to read Architect Journey guide.

Although the new Architect is optional for me at the moment until January 31, 2019 to appear in the review board presentation but I always wanted to try the new designer exams. So, luckily in the month of May, June, July and early August I got a chance to appear in the new Architect Journey designer exams. It was an excellent experience to appear in these designer exams.

Please see below references to each designer exam where I have shared my experiences.

After getting these certifications now I am 16 x Salesforce Certified!!!

I hope the content here helps you to get these Certifications. Best of luck!