Saturday, February 28, 2015

Features Enabled by Customer Support

Following features can be enabled by Customer Support:

(a) Organization Administrators Can Login as Any User:
Login option associated to each User under “Manage Users” section. You need to contact customer support to enable this feature. Read more...

(b) Active Lookup Filters:
In each object of Salesforce we can have lookup filters. It can be “Required” or “Optional”. You can create “Optional” lookup filters as many as you want. BUT you can ONLY have 5 “Required” lookup filters on an object. You can contact customer support to enable it up to 10. Ten (10) is the maximum limit of “Required” lookup filters on an object.

(c) Audit / System Fields:
For data migration if you have audit / system fields (Created Date, Last Modified Date, Created By, Last Modified By) and you want them to be migrated as well then you need to enable “Audit / System fields” by logging a case to customer support. Read more... Related Article...