Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quick Overview of Winter ‘15 Features for Administrators

Access to Connected Apps

In order to access connected apps (Salesforce1 downloadable apps for iOS and Android devices, Salesforce for Outlook, Connect for Outlook, Connect for Office), User must have “API Enabled” profile permission Turned On. Read more...

Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App URL Update

If you enable Lightning components, the URL for accessing Salesforce1 with a mobile browser will be changed.
(a) URL without Lightning components
(b) URL with Lightning components
Note:  If you navigate to the old URL, it redirects to the new URL. Read more…

Switch Between Accounts in Multiple Organizations and Communities in SalesforceA

Now you can easily access multiple accounts in different organisations without having to log out and log in each time you need to switch to a different account.
Note: The account switcher is available only in the SalesforceA mobile app. It’s not available if you access SalesforceA from a browser. Read more…

Add Custom Lookup Fields on Activities with Limitations

You can now add custom fields on Activities (Tasks & Events) with data type “Lookup”. To enable this feature in your Salesforce organisation, contact Customer Support. Read more…

Territory Management 2.0 (Generally Available)

With Winter ‘15, you do need to contact support to enable Territory Management in your Salesforce organization. Organizations created before Winter ’15 need to call customer support to enable this feature. Readmore…

New Names for some Products and Features

  1. Salesforce Analytics is now called Salesforce1 Reporting.
  2. Analytic Snapshots is now called Reporting Snapshots.
  3. The “Manage Analytic Snapshots” user permission is now called “Manage Reporting Snapshots.”
  4. Embedded Analytics is now called Embedded Report Charts.
  5. Analytics API via Apex is now called Salesforce1 Reporting API via Apex.
  6. Analytics REST API is now called Salesforce1 Reporting REST API.

A Step added for Enabling Multiple Currencies